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Feb 17, 2009· I take the hay from the feeder in the barn and spread it out on the ground in the back of the pen where they pick through it a second time. It is easier for us to get to with the tractor so when spring comes, we bring the tractor in to do the annual pen cleanout and it all goes on the compost pile to use in the garden and/or orchard.

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Mar 23, 2012· Researchers at the University of Minnesota set out to compare hay waste, hay intake and economics of nine round-bale feeders and a no-feeder control when used during horse feeding. Nine round-bale feeders were tested: cinch net, cone, covered cradle, hayhut, hay sleigh, ring, tombstone, tombstone saver and waste less.

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I have found a plan and have built four of these feeders for our goats. It is the most wonderful, awesome, beautiful hay and grain feeder in the world. Almost 0, yes that is a zero waste of hay. In the five plus years I have owned goats there were two, OK maybe three things I totally didn't like.

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Hay Hopper Goat Feeder/Hay Saving Goat Feeder/Hay Saver Goat Feeder This is our hay hopper goat feeder. With large round feeders goats have a hard time reaching the center of the bale and often times will try and climb into the feeder. With our feeders the bale stays of the ground and the goats are allowed to simply walk under the feeder to ...

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Goats and sheep must work for each mouthful. Less risk of injury. Entering the pen is not required—so even children can safely feed hay and/or grain. Grain, silage and hay can all be fed in this feeder. Saves space and reduces cost. Save $$. Make your own feeders and use local lumber to do so. Proven.

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Hay Feeders: If you are in the market for a new hay feeder there is some information you should know first. This article will give you a quick overview of what you need to know. Hay feeders come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, and of course, prices.

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Jan 17, 2014· Always try to feed your goats in hygienic ways. In case of feeding hay, always try to feed high and good quality hay. Be sure that, the half of your goat diet is coming from forage. Ensure adequate vitamins, green feed ingredients and minerals in goat feed. Because it is the key to be successful in goat farming.

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Feed your cattle effortlessly with this HAYSMART bale feeder in a unique chain cone design. Created by Behlen Country ®, this feeder allows for a herd to have easy access to the hay, while being able to move and eat through the thickest bale.

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"That's what prompted Trevor Lienemann, owner and entrepreneur of Lienetics Ranch to develop the Bextra Bale Feeder. Being a CPA and Cattlemen, and knowing there had to be a more efficient way to feed cattle, and maximize hay savings, he began by designing the original cone hay …

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: hay feeders for goats. Skip to main content. ... Slow Feed Hay Bag with Newly Designed Super Tough Bottom by Derby Originals. 3.7 out of 5 stars 97. $36.10 $ 36. 10-$44.95 $ 44. 95. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Rugged Ranch 073350 Sheep & Goat HD 3 In 1 Feeder. $130.38 $ 130. 38.

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Rugged Ranch Sheep and Goat Basket Hay Feeder. 3.3 out of 5 stars 2. $47.48 $ 47. 48. FREE Shipping. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices $43.29 (15 new offers) Intrepid International Hay Rack-Wall Mounted. 4.3 out of 5 stars 37. $68.99 $ 68. 99. FREE Shipping.

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Some goat farmers like to have a livestock nutritionist formulate a goat pellet for use when supplements are needed. The local livestock nutritionist can tailor the feed to your area conditions, minimizing problems. You can also have your hay tested to add to the information that your livestock nutritionist will use for formulating this feed.

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Our high-quality, durable sheep and goat hay/grain feeders are designed to reduce feed loss and prevent soiling in feeders. Crafted specifically for sheep, goats, and other small livestock, these hay racks, mangers, and hay and grain feeders are made from quality materials to ensure long-time service and functional design superiority.

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Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment manufactures safe and durable hay and grain feeders for cattle, equine and horses, livestock, sheep, goats and other small animals. Our feeders include round and square bale feeders, creep feeders, grain bunk feeders, mineral feeders…

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Jan 10, 2012· Dry matter hay waste was 3.5%, 6.1%, 11.4% and 14.6% for the cone, ring, feeder wagon and cradle feeders, respectively. If a farm currently estimates hay waste of 20% from using a bale ring without a solid panel, by switching to a cone style ring feeder, they could reduce overwinter hay costs by $53 dollars perhead (hay = $100 per ton).

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Hay Feeder. In case of hay feeders, it requires openings. Make the openings small enough that the goats do not get their heads stuck, but large enough for the goats to access the hay. For making hay feeders for a few number of goats, use 2-by-4 board piece. Put the boards together and make a crate with spaced slats.

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V Bar Hay Feeder (3) HaySmart Bale Feeder (1) Super Duty Bale Feeder (1) Heavy Duty Bale Feeder (1) 2 Pc. Heavy Duty Feeder (2) Sheeted Medium Duty Bale Feeder (1) Medium Duty Bale Feeder (1) Economy Bale Feeder (1) Century Bale Feeders (1) Hay Feeder Panels (5) HaySmart Horse Bale Feeder (1) Horse Ring Bale Feeder (1) Open Top Bale Feeder (1)

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Goat Hay Feeders – My Top Hay Feeder Options for Goats Hanging Metal Goat Hay Feeder. I purchased this metal hay feeder for our buck's outside summer pens. This is by far the best option I have found for my rowdy group of bucks. It is sturdy enough to stand up to their strength and will stay put even with their roughhousing.

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Aug 18, 2016· Most people who keep goats feed a good quality grass hay, and will supplement with a legume hay, typically alfalfa, when they can. Legume hay is high in protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins and is a good choice to offer to dairy animals in milk.

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Hay Play is the innovative new way to feed your horse its daily forage intake. Hay Play simulates a natural grazing position and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors for horses, ponies, goats, and sheep. This unique shape allows the feeder to be freely pushed around, but it won't run away down a slope.

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Best Livestock Equipment specializes in extremely durable, practical livestock equipment & tractor and loader attachments. Products include tire water troughs, Best Float Valves, ice preventers, Haysaver bale rings, tire scrapers, bale spears and more.

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Large round bale feeder design affects hay utilization and cow behavior, say Michigan State University researchers. Beef cows in this study were allotted to one of eight pens with four feeder designs: cone, ring, trailer or cradle. All feeder types provide approximately 37cm (14.5 in.) of linear feeder space/animal. Alfalfa and orchardgrass round bales were weighed and sampled before feeding.

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Hay feeder. You will need a hay feeder. Goats will not eat their food once it has been trampled. So be sure to buy or make them a hay feeder. It will make sure less of your feed goes to waste. 2. Grain Feeder. Your goats will waste grains if it is not in an easily accessible dish. And once those grains hit the ground they are done.

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The F1317 add-on unit comes with a bunk, hay rack, and a spacer. Feeder has adjustable legs and flip-open ends for easy cleaning out. Feeder has full sheet metal backing and has a large capacity for hay. Feeder's hay rack has solid portion above hay slots to stop animals from eating over the top.

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